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The important role of Silicon as a fertilizer

Davide Colombo

18 Feb 2022

Silicon promotes the wound healing process and strengthens plant tissues

Pruning time is on course and plants are very weak against possible abiotic and biotic stresses because of the many open wounds.
What we can do to support our plants in this period?
A good idea could be to think about a Silicon fertilization.
Although Silicon (Si) is not recognized as an essential element for higher plants in general, it has many beneficial effects on the growth and production of a wide range of plant species.
Silicon is known to effectively mitigate various environmental stresses and improve plant resistance against both fungal and bacterial pathogens.
We suggest to spray our silicon fertilizer Silik EVO after pruning, especially in the orchards that have been pruned with mechanical pruning to favour the healing process of wounds, strengthen the plant tissues and activate the plant resistance mechanisms.

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