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About Agridaeus

Highly Specialized nutrition for Integrated and Organic Farming

Since 2002 we are involved in research and development of products based on micro-organisms and nutrients that act onto physiology of plants and their natural defense mechanisms. 
The cooperation with universities and research centers in Italy and worldwide allowed us to acquire a highest level know-how, for discovering highly effective solutions and with innovative mechanisms of action.

We have learned to listen to the needs of our customers and we are committed, together with them, to look for the best solutions to allow  the achievement of productive, qualitative and economic standards value.

Our Company
Our presence in the world
Agronomo con Tablet

Agridaeus was founded in 2002. For years we have been helping third-party companies in the research and development of products based on micro-organisms, then expanding the research sectors in the field of plant physiology and their natural defense mechanisms.
Collaboration with universities and research centers in Italy and in the world has allowed us to acquire a very high level of know-how, to discover highly effective solutions and innovative action mechanisms.
Starting in 2013, we have decided to make our skills available directly to farmers and campaign technicians through our products.
We have learned to listen to the needs of our customers and we are committed, together with them, to look for the best solutions to enable them to achieve quality, value and value for money.
The products are ours, we have seen them be born, grow, until arriving in the field; for this we can provide our customers with assistance and support for their optimal use.
Today we are present in Italy and in several countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America with qualified distributors and technicians able to support every customer.


Agridaeus Srl has two commercial offices in Italy and Spain. 

We are present with distribution partnership in different countries.

Africa: Morocco.

Americas: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay.

Asia: Turkey.

Europe: Albania, Bosnia Erzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia.

High Specific Plant Nutrition

Most of the approaches used in sustainable agriculture highlight how to provide a balanced and targeted nutrition to the needs of the crop, increasing the availability of some elements able to improve the tolerance of plants to stress and diseases (Oborn et al., 2003).
The practical effects are highlighted at the structural and metabolic level; for example the structure of cell membranes is fundamental in the plant / pathology relationship.

When the cell membranes lose stability and function, the effect is twofold: firstly, it decreases the mechanical resistance and increases the permeability, therefore a decrease of the defenses against the pathogens.
Specific, balanced and innovative nutritional elements, applied in the right moments of plants stages, in the right way.

The nutraceutical concept applied to agricultural crops.
We believe in this strategy and concept, and the customers who follow us have had the confirmations.

2018-05-09 18.12.08.jpg

Sustainable agriculture is defined as that which, in addition to producing food and other agricultural products, is also economically advantageous for farmers, respectful of the environment, socially right, helping to improve the quality of life of both farmers and society as a whole.
Sustainable agriculture pursues the following objectives: protecting the health of the agricultural operator and the consumer, preserving the fertility of the soil over time, preserving environmental resources over time. Sustainable agriculture consists of the use of agricultural techniques capable of respecting the environment, biodiversity and the natural ability to absorb earth's waste.

The production of technical means cannot avoid complying with this commitment.
We at Agridaeus Srl believe that our products should not only be performing but should also be efficient and have a low environmental impact.
For this reason we set ourselves the goal of reducing the environmental impact of each product and every single production process in order to guarantee the best effectiveness with the least possible input of resources and energy.

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