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Life for Agriculture!

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Catalogue 2022

13 January 2022


Download here our Catalogue 2022.


Agridaeus gets the certification UNE 142500

14 September 2022


An important certification for the use of its products in organic farming.

Products & Crops


The primary objective of 'Integrated Pest Management' is: "the production of healthy crops with methods that disrupt agricultural ecosystems as little as possible and promote the natural mechanisms of phytosanitary control".

We wanted to make this our goal, aiming to provide our customers with a catalog of effective products that offer the concrete possibility to conduct their crops in a sustainable way in every respect: the environment in which they operate, their health and health of people that will consume their products and economic remuneration.

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About us
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Agridaeus was founded in 2002. For 10 years we have assisted third-party companies in the research and development of products based on micro-organisms, then expanding our research areas in plant physiology and finally in the plants natural defense mechanisms. The cooperation with universities and research centers in Italy and in the world has allowed us to acquire a very high level of know-how making our company able to discover highly effective solutions and innovative action mechanisms. Since 2013, we have decided to make our skills available directly to farmers, field technicians and distributors through our products portfolio.

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