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Agridaeus gets the certification UNE 142500

Davide Colombo

14 Sept 2022

An important certification for the use of its products in organic farming

Another important step in the growth of Agridaeus has been done.
In the first days of September 2022 Agridaeus has been certified by the certification body CAAE and got the certification according the UNE 142500 standard for four of its products.
The UNE 142500 Standard regulates and certifies the Inputs allowed in Organic Plant Production like fertilisers, amendments and substrates of cultivation. Made in Spain by the certification body CAAE comes to provide a national and european solution to the guarantee system for the use of fertilizers in Organic Production.
The certification certifies eache step of the production and commercialization of the product allowed for organic farming from the reception of the raw materials to the distribution on the market. Each step of the process is controlled and certified to guarantee a safe use of the input by the organic farmers.
The product certified according the UNE 142500 are for now:
Always by your side.
Agridaeus Srl, Life for agriculture!

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