High Specific Plant Nutrition

Most of the approaches used in sustainable agriculture highlight how to provide a balanced and targeted nutrition to the needs of the crop, increasing the availability of some elements able to improve the tolerance of plants to stress and diseases (Oborn et al., 2003).
The practical effects are highlighted at the
structural and metabolic level; for example the structure of cell membranes is fundamental in the plant/pathology relationship.

When the cell membranes lose stability and function, the effect is twofold: firstly, it decreases the mechanical resistance and increases the permeability, therefore a decrease of the defenses against the pathogens.
Specific, balanced and innovative nutritional elements, applied in the right moments of plants stages, in the right way.

The nutraceutical concept applied to agricultural crops.
We believe in this strategy and concept, and the customers who follow us have had the confirmations.

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