Sustainable agriculture is defined as that which, in addition to producing food and other agricultural products, is also economically advantageous for farmers, respectful of the environment, socially right, helping to improve the quality of life of both farmers and society as a whole.
Sustainable agriculture pursues the following objectives:
protecting the health of the agricultural operator and the consumer, preserving the fertility of the soil over time, preserving environmental resources over time. Sustainable agriculture consists of the use of agricultural techniques capable of respecting the environment, biodiversity and the natural ability to absorb earth's waste.

The production of technical means cannot avoid complying with this commitment.
We at
Agridaeus Srl believe that our products should not only be performing but should also be efficient and have a low environmental impact.
For this reason we set ourselves the goal of reducing the environmental impact of each product and every single production process in order to guarantee the best effectiveness with the least possible input of resources and energy.

We create products that
improve plant efficiency by increasing the quality and yield of each crop, even in stressful situations, improving the fertility of agricultural soils, stimulating the plant metabolism in a targeted manner, favoring the rational use of water and nutritional resources in the maximum respect for the environment and for the people who live or work there.

To make our biostimulants and fertilizers, we mainly use
natural raw materials, of animal and vegetable origin, from renewable sources.

Thanks to collaborations with Universities, Research and Test Centers and Technicians, we are able to continuously
update the formulations of our products, modulating them according to the different needs encountered in the field and in the laboratory.

We strongly believe that the correct use of the products and the reduction of the environmental impact deriving from their use, depends above all on a
good training and information activity aimed at the distribution system and the end users. For this reason we organize numerous meetings with our technicians and guarantee a technical assistance service.

Many of our products are
certified by CAAE and FiBL, as we believe it is essential to guarantee the quality and compliance with the regulations on organic and biodynamic agriculture.